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about me

I'm Paulo Cesar. I live in the city of Triunfo state of Pernambuco Brazil. Triunfo is a city with a cold climate and is 1,260m above sea level. My life was transformed after I had seven divine visions. And since then I have been praying that the world will be filled with peace, health and financial success for people and their families.

my job

At this moment I offer daily prayers in the morning, afternoon and evening to all continents: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. My prayers provide God's power over nations and over each individual to promote repentance, forgiveness, peace, health and prosperity.


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I need your help for this project. To be able to help millions of people aroundI need your help for this project. In order to help millions of people around the world in service, I need $ 100,000. In this way, I will help thousands of families in the poorest regions of the world and help thousands of people, regardless of their assets, to solve emotional, peace and health problems. Check out one of my works in the video beside. Informing people to change their lives through prayer.
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how to cure covid 19

Healing through prayer and fasting

Every morning on an empty stomach I say the prayers for the healing of Covid19. It is 48 minutes in the morning, 48 minutes in the afternoon and 48 minutes at night. My prayers are directed to the whole world. More specifically to the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Spain and India, for having the largest cases. I pray together with fasting as God the Son Jesus Christ has determined us to say that prayer together with fasting cures serious illnesses. And I direct my prayers for the healing of Covid19 in these countries, as well as the entire world. From my love for these countries and those around the world, may Covid19 evaporate and be thrown out of our atmosphere!


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